Well, it’s funny how time flew by!

Well, it’s funny how time flew by! I created this website sometime back in 1997, then the next thing I new it was 1999. Sorry for not updating it all year, but things got CRAZY. :)We’re still in San Antonio, Texas. Maria somehow convinced me to purchase another home back in July of ’98… and I’m very happy with our decision. Six months later and we’re almost settled in! November of 98 we sold Global Audience Providers, my business based out of Key West, to the local newspaper – The Key West Citizen. I am continuing to work for them from my home office, focusing on website development with Cold Fusion.

Maria is still with Marriott Corp. She basically sets the room rates for 9 of the hotels in town, as well as deciding how many rooms to “over sell” each night. She calls it “managing the inventory”. This is my interpretation of her job…she really does a lot of things that only she understands.

Alex continues to attend Child Montessori school for First Grade.(Wow!) He also takes keyboard lessons and is currently a green belt karate student at East West Karate. Alex learned to ride his bike without the training wheels in the fall of 1998! After 2 trips to Vail in ’98, Alex tells me he doesn’t want to live in Colorado because it dries his nose out. Well, maybe we’ll never move there. I’m enjoying these mild Texas winters.

Oh, bye the way, Maria and I have also started Karate classes. It’s a lot of fun…take a look!

As we near the new millennium, we will be posting photos.(Really! I promise.) Stop back and take a look. Have a great year – Lang

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