I've updated this site after 4 years.

Where the heck does the time go? I have redesigned the site to allow me to easily add photos and videos and a blog section for short and sweet updates. I usually don’t have a lot to say, so a few sentences to a paragraph entry in the blog section makes more sense than rewriting the main page. I figure if I make it easier, I’ll do it!

So here’s to a new year and a fresh start in 2007. Happy New Year!

As most of you already know, we’re now living in Anthem AZ. Alex is now in 9th grade and doing well in school. Maria continues to work for Marriott on the western regional team, and really enjoys her work…even the travel. I’ve decided to work on updating my web development & programming skills.

Check the blog for weekly/monthly updates!

Have a great year – Lang, Maria & Alex

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