Advice For A Teenager

I sent this list to a friend today for advice to a teenager:

  • Sleep 8-9 hours a night. No naps. That means no hand held video games at night in the bed room.
  • Eat/Drink less sugary junk food.
  • Exercise 1 hour/day, right after school to help focus.
  • Quit playing the video games after school.
  • Write out a list every day of home work that needs to get done and dates of upcoming tests.
  • Do the homework first. Study extra. Have your mom or dad or friend quiz you, to prepare for tests.
  • Only if you have spare time, watch TV or play video games for 30 minutes to 1 hour max.
  • You have to have a desire to be successful. Look to the future. Set Goals. Have something to work towards. Develop good habits.
  • Knowledge builds upon itself, so the harder you work now, the easier it becomes later on.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day‚Ķ especially with braces.

These are the things I focus on, or harass Alex about each day for many years. Alex still watches too much TV, but overall he is becoming much more independent.

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