Alex Plays Tennis

My internet was down for 48 hours. I determined it was the cable modem, and after a trip to wal-mart, I’m back online. Alex had an away game on Tuesday. He won singles 8-0 and doubles (with Max) 8-1. Yesterday was a home game. The team won, but Alex won by default as his opponent no-showed. Alex played a ‘practice game’ with the 3rd place JV player from the other team. I watched as Alex took the lead 2-1, then strugle with the rest of his games. Each game was close, reaching deuce before Alex would lose. Frustration set in at one point and he lost a game 45-0. They ended the practice match early, on this windy day, with the score 2-6 at deuce in the middle of the 9th game. Alex will finally get to challenge a teammate at practice this afternoon. This evening we’re off to San Francisco to catch up with Maria for some Birthday shopping.

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