Happy Birthday to Alex!

Happy Birthday to Alex! He is 15 today.

Had some more computer problems recently and spent all week reformatting hard drives and reinstalling software. Still not done. Problems with viruses or spyware maybe, or might just be that my 2 computers are 5 years old and windows got a bit bogged down by all the software I’ve installed and uninstalled over the years. Things just kept hanging up. Plus, I’ve been constantly fighting to free up disk space on the laptop. So like I’ve done for so many other people‚Äôs computers over the years, I’ve taken some time out to redo mine, and give Alex the laptop. It’s amazing what a memory upgrade does for an old computer!

So we had a great time in San Francisco for Maria’s B-Day. Non-Stop shopping! I even bought a shirt, and Alex got a few things… but Maria won. She was practicing for a ‘What Not To Wear’ shopping spree! :-) We got to visit with Michael Kahn and family, as well as eat some great food. Be sure to check out Citizen Thai, if you like that type of food – Outstanding! Also, it just happened to be the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations and we managed to catch the parade. I’ll post video and photo updates soon.

Tuesday March 6th Maria & I made it to Alex’s Tennis Match to watch him win 8-1. He played away on Friday March 9th but lost 6-8. I watched Alex win this Wednesday March 14th 8-6. His opponent put up a real fight the last game, as he tried to tie it up. The last 3 points, they hit it back and forth over 25 times! Alex was the only one on his team to beat his opponent from North Canyon. He played doubles with Max and they won easily as Alex’s serve drastically improved over his singles games. Alex played for 2 1/2 hours straight with about a 2 minute break between the two matches. Oh… Alex has been demo-ing some racquets this week, which seems to improved his game. We’ll be getting him a new racquet for his birthday (Grandma Jane is contributing too – it’s expensive). We also got him the new Darren Shan book ‘BEC’. He got hooked on the author when we visited London a few years back, and we’ve been buying books from Amazon.co.uk, as they come out 6 months earlier than in the US.

Off to South Florida, tomorrow for Alex’s spring break.

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