We had a great time in Florida. The weather was mid 70′s with some rain. The humidity helped to heal my dry, cracked skin. I think I was looking five years younger, but I’m drying out again! Alex went to a St Louis Cardinals spring training game with Grandpa Larry, while I stayed home to get Emma’s Ipod setup and do some computer maintenance. We went to the Palm Beach Boat show, Boogie Boarding with Uncle Brad, and out to eat a few times. Alex enjoyed fresh squeezed oj, cinnamon rolls & chocolate chip cookies, and a ride in the MGB. We celebrated Alex’s birthday a day late and eventually found the tennis racket he was looking for. (Now his coach says he needs a second one just like it in case the strings break.) Maria stayed for the first half of the trip and managed to get some shopping done before flying Jet Blue to California to a meeting. I tried some of Jimmy Buffett’s LandShark Lager. It seemed like a mix of Heineken and Corona. I think it’s made by Budweiser… anyway one beer gave me a headache! Photos will be uploaded as soon as I get them from Grandma Jane’s Camera.

Maria was awarded an annual companion ticket for SWA. I think I’ll send thunder along on all her trips now! :)

Alex played in a JV tournament, this past Thursday, with a few other schools. He won 2 & lost 2 matches.

Maria & I were judges for the belt testing last night at AK Tae Kwon Do. Maria demonstrated the Koryo form. I’ll get the video online soon.

Maria received her acceptance letter for the MBA program at Colorado State University, today. She starts online/distance classes this fall.

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