Well, it’s been quit a summer…. lots of traveling. We went to Michigan 1 week to visit with Maria’s family and then a second week to visit with my family on Coldwater Lake. Alex stayed for the whole time and worked on his wakeboarding. Two weeks later we went on our first cruise. We enjoyed the cruise experience, seeing our friends, seeing Alaska and getting away from the Phoenix heat. I’m not sure I would take a cruise again, since it is an expensive way to travel (compared to frequent flier tickets and Marriott employee rates). Once we returned, we made some last minute plans to visit San Antonio and tag along with Maria while she had to work. We stopped in and saw David’s new house in the Dominion and went out with Linda & Bob.

Hard to believe it all over and Alex has been back to school for 4 weeks! Alex’s freshman year GPA was 4.43 (it doesn’t even seem like a real GPA because those honors classes really skew it) He’s enrolled in 4 honors classes this year. It really helps to keep out the kids who disrupt the classes constantly. He is taking band again this year, but chose not to march. So far all is going well with school. He currently plays “World of Warcraft” with David… a bit too frequently. Alex can take a test in 30 days that will allow him to start taking drivers’ training. I’m hoping this will take some time away from the gaming!

Maria started her MBA program about 2 weeks ago. This added about 20 hours/week to her schedule. I hope she can keep it up. I’ve been cooking and we have someone to help clean.

I posted some new photos today of our summer trips.

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