So if a leap year or leap day (as in today) has been around since 45 BC, why does my watch read March 1st? Don’t you think Timex would have figured this out by now??? I have to say it’s only a $20 watch, but I thought my watches in the past adjusted themselves appropriately. Guess I’ll have to change the date just twice every four years… That’s once for the leap year and once when I replace the battery. Let me know if your watch automatically adjusts!

So, It’s been a while once again. I need to update this more often, so I can remember more details of events. I enjoy reading this every couple of months to remember what I have done recently. Can’t imagine what my memory will be like when I’m 60.

Turns out Maria’s dad is fine. The bone test turned up negative for cancer. He is in Florida and enjoying the warm weather.

Speaking of Florida, we went to Palm Beach Gardens to visit my mom, dad, Brad & Emma for the winter holiday break. We had a good time. Alex got a new electric R/C car for Christmas. Very fast!

We drove down to Key West and stayed at the old Hilton, now the Westin, down by Mallery Square. We got a great deal thanks to Diane Schmidt, Maria’s old boss at the Casa Marina (Now GM of all the Starwood properties in KW). It was definitely great to be back in Key West after 8 years. It’s nice to know what there is to do and how to get around. We took Alex on the Conch Tour Train so he would learn some things about the city where he was born. Thanks Kevin for the free tickets! We ate dinner at Margaritaville Cafe and Kyushu Japanese Restaurant. For lunch, we had Cuban Mix sandwiches “All The Way” at Sandy’s Cafe and Paradise Cafe. For breakfast we ate at Croissants De France, the restaurant one morning and take-out pastries the next…Yum! We watched a sunset on a partly cloudy evening and I participated in the activities with the street performers. Maria & I made it to a bunch of bars looking for good entertainment, but couldn’t find any… not even at Hogs Breath. Rick’s upstairs was still closed from hurricane damage, but we made it up there for 5 minutes to lookout over Duval St and Sloppy Joes Bar. We also made it to the top of the La Concha for a night time view of the city, as well as the next day with Alex. The Casa Marina was just opening again after 2 years from hurricane damage and we heard the Reach was permanently closed. We didn’t particularly like the renovations at the Casa. We looked for “big fish” in the water at the pier house, but the lights were out, maybe because they were doing some renovations above the restaurant. We did have some conch chowder there, but it was bad! Major gastrointestinal discomfort… Yuck! We went to the Red Barn Theatre to see if we could see a play, but we missed the show by a day. We walked up and down Duval 10+ times and managed to stop for some Sorbet at Flamingo Crossing. Although they don’t have as nice as stores on Duval Street as they used to 25 years ago, we picked up some nice placemats at Fast Buck Freddies. We drove by Jimmy Buffets old house and our old rental house on Riviera canal. We showed Alex the condos at 1800 Atlantic and Key West by the Sea, as well as his first house in Sugarloaf. We drove by lots of homes with Christmas lights… somewhere around 10th street… but they didn’t seem quite as big and bright as they used to. Overall, a lot was the same and yet a lot has changed. Hard to believe they can still keep building so much on such a small island. Oh and the old county offices where I worked were demolished…gone…nothing but grass! Noticed the Conchs got a new high school, Benihana closed, and the old Key Wester was replaced with a time-share.

Back in Palm Beach Gardens, we went out with Brad & Emma to Palm Beach Sailing Club to play some poker for charity. We also went to the dog tracks and I lost all my bets.

Alex’s jaw has improved some, his acne keeps getting better, slowly. Three more months of accutane. Alex was practicing tennis with me a lot, when he developed an ingrown toe nail on both large toes. After more antibiotics and just a week before tennis tryouts he had to go to the podiatrist to get both nails cut back. One toe is still infected weeks later.

Alex started back on the tennis team and won his first match, then lost his second. The next week Alex was home sick with Strep Throat and on MORE antibiotics! It has been two weeks and Alex is feeling better and won another tennis match this week. He now plays first on the JV team.

Alex has been hanging out with some new kids. He has a girlfriend now… or at least he brought some girl a card and flowers to school on Valentines Day. Alex passed the classroom portion of his drivers ed class and has completed 1 of 4 of the driving portions! He drove all the way to Scottsdale the first session and will be driving on the express-ways this weekend. Alex’s friend David from San Antonio is scheduled to visit us over his spring break (Alex’s too). We plan on celebrating Alex’s 16th birthday with David and maybe some other friends and going to Dave & Busters. I plan on taking the kids skiing that week, as they have had over EIGHT FEET of snow this season in Flagstaff and should still be open.

We’ve made reservations to go to China this summer with our friends from Maryland. I’m looking forward to that!

I’ve been following the presidential campaigns this year more than ever before. Maybe it’s because we have a Tivo-like device and I watch much more news. BTW I definitely recommend a DVR so you don’t have to watch the stupid commercials. I didn’t realize how much I appreciate it until I went to Florida and had to watch commercials. No wonder I didn’t watch TV at all for 15 years. Anyway I watch the news everyday now and Alex watches Nash Bridges, Happy Days, The Apprentice, How It’s Made & MythBusters. Great for catching the SPURS games and skipping through the commercials, while finally catching up to the live game towards the end. Just seems more efficient to me.

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