Update Continued

The weather here in phoenix has been perfect lately… high 75 to 80 degrees. Perfect running weather… and I’ve been running daily now for about 8 weeks. It feels good!

I’ve decided I like October, March and April the best for outdoor activity in Phoenix. The high temp seems to be between 80 and 90. I put the cover on the pool a few days ago and the water temperature is up to 69 today… I’m guessing it will be 80 and the kids will be swimming by Maria’s Birthday on Tuesday. Not a bad season I guess… last I went swimming was November 1st and the water was still 74, but two weeks later and it dropped to 65. Alex and his friends would still jump from the hot tub to the cold pool, then swim quickly to exit the pool and back to the hot tub. By Thanksgiving the Pool was down below 60 degrees, and by December 15th the leaves fell from our Ash tree. The leaves fell quickly and there was only a one week period where I had to empty the pool skimmers out each day. I guess that’s why many people have cacti in place of trees. The leaves came back on the tree about mid-February and it’s starting to look like summer! I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and getting the boat out.

Last Fall, we bought a portable fire-pit that the kids have been roasting marshmallows over. It has been too cold to sit out there the last few months, but the nights are starting to warm up enough to do it again.

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