Summer Is Near

Wow, it’s HOT once again in Phoenix! 109 yesterday… Alex and I went swimming last night, for the first time this season. The pool temperature had been hovering around 80 for a few weeks, but warmed up to 85 over the last 2 days.

Alex turned 16 on March 16th! He had a party at our house. David, from Texas, came to visit for spring break so he was able to attend the party and meet Alex’s other friends. I took the kids skiing in Flagstaff for a day. Alex, David & Niam hiked up Daisy Mountain to watch the sunset. David brought his iPhone, so it was the first time I was able to get my hands on the real thing. Pretty intuitive… I didn’t have to read the manual… some day.

Anne, Tim, Hannah & Griffen came to visit. Hannah & Anne came into town a few days early and stayed at our house. Alex & I got to play Griffen & Tim in a few games of tennis. We also went to watch UCLA’s 76-57 win over Xavier. UCLA moved on to the Final Four in San Antonio. Tim found some great seats… about half way through the game Maria & I joined them (by sneaking past the ticket attendants).

Grandma Jane and Emma came to visit over Emma’s Spring Break. We went to see Alex play tennis, but arrived late and saw the last 2 minutes… just as they lost the match. The highlight of the trip was Aunt Maria taking Emma for a horseback ride in the desert.

We also had visits this spring from our friend Lauren and my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Carol.

Unfortunately I had another hard drive crash again… this time it was fatal… no chance of reviving the drive and I lost all my photos since February! Can you say “BACK UP”? Duh! Let’s hope I have learned my lesson.

Alex ended up playing the last five tennis matches on the varsity team in the 6th position. The men’s team ended up first in the regional’s and fourth in the state. Alex received his Varsity Letter at a recognition dinner that Maria & I attended last week. Good Job Alex!

Alex is now off Accutane and his acne is better. His red, dry skin is finally healing! The treatment definitely had an impact on his tennis, as he tired quickly. I am very relieved that he is off of this stuff!

Alex and I went out and completed a 2.5 mile run just 2 days ago. We finished with a 8:10 pace. Alex was not able to make it more than 1/2 mile while on the medication. All is looking good!

Maria has 5 more days until the end of the semester. We are all looking forward to her dropping down to 1 class a semester for the future!

I bought my first American car in 20 years… a gas guzzling Jeep Wrangler! It’s a lot of fun. I have had the windows off of it since the day I bought it. Well there was actually a problem with the zipper on the back window and I had to take it back the next day and they sewed on a new zipper! This past Saturday Maria & I were on our way to COSTCO when Maria decided to turn on the A/C for the first time. What do you know? The A/C doesn’t work! Good thing it’s a dry heat! :-) I better call today and get it fixed!

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